Last Article - Thanks Hashnode

Last Article - Thanks Hashnode

This is my last article on the Hashnode platform. More than two years passed since I started writing weekly articles.

In the beginning, my motivation was to get a job. I got an iOS developer job and my motivation became to keep studying.

Then my motivation changed again because the blog became part of my life as I developed my writing and iOS skills. Did some freelancing writing thanks to this platform, and earned some badges (that was very cool) and writing competition prizes.

Also, Hashnode has an amazing community manager, Eleftheria Batsou. She is really good at motivating people by writing and making everyone feel good here. I knew other amazing iOS developers like Marco Eidinger and could learn a lot from them.

I would recommend this platform over any other without hesitation. I saw Hashnode implement various features that are really great for developers, like the GitHub backup and easy code highlighting using ```swift.

As usual, my last post had to have a painting with meaning. I leave here the Adam and Eve from Lucas Cranach the Elder. The reason I chose this painting is that as the Christian story tells, the Edem garden was the beginning of everything and Hashnode for me was the beginning of my writing journey.

I'll be continuing writing in the new Holy Swift home, which has the same address as before. If anyone wants to reach out, send me a message there.

Check the new Holy Swift Home.

I never could imagine where this journey would lead me and in the end, I want to THANK YOU Hashnode for everything in this 2+ years relationship and I hope to see this platform growing even more.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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